Black Stevens Conservation Area

Bachelor East
This area consists of 62 acres, which were acquired in three sections: Seven acres in 1963, previously Ittner property; 8 acres in 1966, previously Smith property; and 47 acres in 1981, previously owned by the Stevens Paper Mill. The three sections were acquired with the assistance of Self-Help funds given by the state. The pond originally provided high quality water for the paper mill in South Hadley Falls. The area was named for Dr. M. Gene Black, a former Conservation Commission member, and also for the Stevens Paper Mill. It is home to scarlet tanagers, orioles, grosbeaks, thrushes and oven birds. There have been sightings of great horned owls, great blue heron and cuckoos. Sunfish, carp, muskrat and turtles also dwell here. Flora include starflower, pink lady slipper and wild lily-of-the-valley. The area is predominately wooded and hilly, with streams in deep ravines, a pond next to the high school, and wetlands where an old pond drained. The variety of habitats is used by teachers for science classes. Students also use the paths for travel to school and for cross-county track practice. Discharge of firearms is prohibited. Visitors may park in the school parking lots.