District #1

Water Treatment Process
The Water source is the Quabbin Reservoir and is chlorinated using Sodium Hypochlorite at the Ware treatment facility located on Route 9 in Ware.

Sodium Silicate
The water is then treated for Corrosion Control using Sodium Silicate at the District's Ludlow Treatment Facility located at
444 Fuller Street
Ludlow, MA 01056

Sodium Silicate raises the pH of the water making it less aggressive and also provides a microscopic coating on the inside of the water mains and household plumbing systems in order to comply with the federally mandated Lead and Copper Rule.

Water Meter Information
Water Meters are read quarterly.
  • Quarter 1 - March 1st to June 1st
  • Quarter 2 - June 1st to September 1st
  • Quarter 3 - September 1st to December 1st
  • Quarter 4 - December 1st to March 1st
Water is billed at $2.88 per 100 cubic feet (748 gallons of water). There is also a $5 minimum charge for each Family unit.

Mission Statement
We are committed to our ratepayers by providing quality drinking water and exceptional service  for the lowest reasonable cost.

Board of Water Commissioners Members
  • David T. Daly
  • John A. Mikuszewski
  • William L. Schenker